I'm really happy and grateful that my work Divide and Dissolve has been chosen as the overall winner of the IRIS Award at PCP, Perth Center for Photography. 

I met Sylvie and Takiaya while they were touring Australia performing with their band Divide and Dissolve and asked them to be part of the No Trend project about women* and non binary folks in the DIY punk scene. They're respectively from Melbourne and Texas, play slow loud drums, guitar and saxophone with a wall of amps. Their doom music aims to destroy white supremacy and fuck with the norms.




No Trend exhibition in K Town

I felt really privileged to be able to show my work No Trend at K Town this year.  I had the total freedom of using the space with the multimedia project screened on two TVs, different photographic formats and writings spread over the walls.

Thanks to all the volunteers on the festival for their precious help.